Crosse, Richard - portrait of Elizabeth Kingsley

This miniature portrait is unsigned, but it has been attributed to Richard Crosse (1742-1810). The sitter is identified by several notes inside the rear of the group frame.

"Elizabeth Westney, wife of Charles Kingsley Esq of Lymington, Hants, mother of the Rev C Kingsley of Chelsea and of Lucretia A Wills, wife of James Wills of Plus Bellin, Wales."

"Elizabeth Kingsley nee Westney married Charles Kinglsey of Lymington, mother of Rev C Kinglsey of Chelsea & Lucretia Ann Wills, wife of James Wills."

Her marriage record has been located for 24 Nov 1778, at St Anne Soho. Lomdon. Her son Charles Kingsley (1781-1860) was born on 23 Oct 1781. He was the father of the author Charles Kingsley, thus Elizabeth was the author's grandmother. 18c

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